I just realized that this is my blog and I can pretty  much do whatever I want here,so…I decided that I can also share with you some of the songs that follow me through my life, I will start with 3 songs I have listened to a whole lot the past couple of days! Little warning on the side: I am a huge fan of Country and Rock, so those genres will probably get more attention here than others (sorry!!)….but feel free to send me video suggestions and I will check those out as well! 🙂

The Last Pale Light In the West – Ben Nichols

I heard that song first when I was watching The Walking Dead (oh my, I wish it was October already…..) and the deep voice just caught my attention immediately. Love the sound!

Long Time Traveler – The Wailin’ Jennys

I am NOT a fan of female voices, even less high ones, but these girls just know what they are doing! They have amazing voices and listenening to their song is like going on a short vacation for me 🙂  (There is also a very good cover version by “BeardlySongs” here)

House Of Mercy – Sarah Jarosz

I stumbled across this song by accident but man, did it stick in my head, I was humming the melody the whole day! I hope you like it just as much! 🙂


That’s it for today, time to get some sleep! (Can’t believe it’s so late already…the good ol’ Time Thief visited me again!)



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