Never enough time…

Do you also have the feeling that other people must have more than 24 hours in their day? I leave the house at 8am and get back around 4pm. I do some house chores, play a bit with the kittens and then, like today, I sit down and want to do something creative- like starting a blog! Sounds easy enough, but then I start and it took me over an hour to write my introductory post! And I didn’t even manage to edit it correctly, I had to give up on that for now…and it’s already 7pm! I suspect that my organizing skills need some serious “upgrading” to manage all these things I have planned for the future that I want you to be a part of! If you guys have any advise on time management, please leave comments or send me a message, I would love to hear all these smart ideas! (and if you just want to confirm that something -whatever it may be- chomps away hours from your day as well, I will be happy to hear about that too! 🙂 ) Aloha!


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