Annie’s Venture to health begins here…

Aloha! My name is Annie and I am a German girl living in beautiful Hawaii. I have recently started to be more and more interested in healthy living and a more balanced lifestyle and I thought that maybe there are people out there who would like to follow me on my journey. I plan to post on this blog several times a week to keep you updated with new videos, pictures, product testings, recipes, studies and so on, everything that I think might be worth sharing 🙂 If anything, I hope that some friends and family members will check in here every now and then to keep up with what is going on on my life 🙂

At first, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am 32 and was born and raised in Germany and moved to Hawaii in May. You may wonder what made me leave my country and move aaaall the way to the other side of the world…the answer is: Love! I met my fabulous husband, Jesse, on a PenPal website almost 3 years ago and we started writing letters (yes, the old-fashioned snail mail ones) and bit-by-bit fell pretty heavily in love 🙂 We had a beautiful ceremony here in Hawaii in January and I packed my things and moved here shortly after. I go to a language school in Honolulu, so please bear with me when some things still have the wrong tense or the vocabulary choice is not the best, I am still learning! 🙂


On our wedding Day

My husband and I just recently adopted 2 adorable kitten that are now our new furry family members and it is very likely you will hear about them here quite often 🙂 Both of them are girls, they are roughly 4-5 months old and were rescue kittens. Their names are Noelani (gray) and Tora (black) and they steal hearts faster than you would believe 🙂

Tora and Noelani

Let this be the intorduction for now…I am still trying to figure all of this out and once I do, I will be back with more!

I am excited to have you follow me on my venture to health! 🙂





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